British Council

Reader’s Crew is a book club that will provide a safe, informal space where people can freely arrive to engage with books, stories and discussions. The main purpose of the club is to reignite the practice of free speech, host an open discussion and become confident by developing English speaking skills. This practice will not only improve the English communication skill of the participants, but wilk also contribute to make them active and empathetic citizens.

Primarily, there will be different themes each month. The participants will discuss different books, characters and incidents based on these monthly themes. The event will take place on the British Council Fuller Road premises. Anyone can participate in the discussion through registration, which will open 1 week ahead of the event every month.

Event details:
Title: Reader’s Crew Presents: If you were a detective?
Date: 29 September 2019
Time: 06.00 P.M. 
Venue: Library
Topic of the month: Crime Fiction (Suggested Reading: The Adventures of Sherlock Homes)

Registration forms are available at the library counter 7.
Seats are limited.