Children Reading

Can you feel the warmth of summer already? Nothing can be more fun than having a book in your hand and going places with the stories on a summery afternoon. Visit our library and enjoy a three-month reading challenge with exciting activities!

Like every year, we have brought you the most popular Summer Reading Challenge in our library. Register for it and dive into the world of imagination with our award-winning young learner collection.

Challenge details

These reading challenges are immensely popular and successful reading initiatives that will enable you to improve your English language, imagination and presentation skills which will boost your confidence.

  • borrow and read any six or more books over a period of three months (must include at least two titles from The Animal Agents collection)
  • receive your Challenger kit (activity sheet, review card, sticker, wristband, logbook and membership card)
  • complete the kit based on the stories you’ve read
  • join library events and activities

Registration date: 2 February 2019 to 15 March 2019

Enrollment fee: BDT 1200.00

Discounted fee (only in February): BDT 800.00

Participation age: 07 - 15 years

Challenge end date: 30 June 2019

To complete the challenge, you need to submit the activity sheet, review card along with the due books at our office within the last date.

All the successful challengers will be awarded certificates and the best challengers will win medals.

Happy reading!

Registration process

Visit our Dhaka University campus office to register for the Summer Reading Challenge along with the following documents:

  • visit the link to register:
  • a copy of the online registration confirmation number
  • a passport sized photo
  • a copy of a valid photo ID