Are you looking for exciting stories to make your stay at home a bit more interesting? Adventure of Gorillas, a nerve-racking visit to space, stories of mermaids and many more are waiting for you in the Digital Library.

Like every year, we have brought you the most popular Reading Challenge in our digital library. Register for it and dive into the world of imagination with our amazing young learner collection.

Registration process

Registration closed!

Registration date: 23 August to 5 September 2020

Enrollment fee:

Library members: BDT 1000.00

Non-library members: BDT 1200.00

Participation age: 7-12 years

Challenge start end date: 10 September to 15 October 2020 (you have to email the poster by 15 October)

All the successful challengers will be awarded e-certificates! Happy reading!

Challenge details

These reading challenges are immensely popular and successful reading initiatives that will enable you to improve your English language, imagination and presentation skills which will boost your confidence.

  • Register and pay online to the ‘Reading Challenge’ category. You will receive an email, follow the instructions and get access to the digital library resources
  • Explore the sections called 'KIDS AND TEENS AUDIOBOOKS' and 'eBOOKS'. Listen to or read at least four audiobooks or eBooks of your choice.

Our suggestion

You can read any four or more books from the Digital Library collection. But we have suggestions for you. You can explore the following list based on your age. All the listed books are available in the 'KIDS AND TEENS AUDIOBOOKS' and 'eBOOKS' sections.

Age: 7-9

Audiobooks: Click here to see the list

eBooks: Click here to see the list

Age: 10-12

Audiobooks: Click here to see the list

eBooks: Click here to see the list 


Make and send poster

  • Once you are done with reading a minimum of four books, choose your favourite one and make a poster on the story
  • Now run to your parent/guardian and request them to take a photo of the poster and Email us to
  • Email subject line: Reading for Life 2020 
  • Email body: Mention the following information in the email body:
  • Your Name
  • Your Age
  • Name of the books you have read
  • Name of your favourite book that you choose to make the poster

Join Webinars

Once you are a registered member of Reading Challenge you and your parent will be able to join three wonderful webinars.

  1. Storytime with Alvee (Age 7-9)
  2. Storytime with Alvee (Age 10-12)
  3. ‘Reading for life’ with a psychotherapist

You will be notified the time and date accordingly.