People all over the world love quizzing. Quizzes and riddles are found in newspapers, online and even on the sides of cereal boxes! Bangladeshis are no exception. To bring the element of sport to this widely-loved hobby, the International Quizzing Association (IQA) established World Quizzing Championship. The aim is to bring quizzers together from around the world in high quality quizzes, and to help create and support national quiz organisations.  The British Council teamed up with IQA and arranged the Bangladesh chapter of World Quizzing Championship.

The British Council, in partnership with Quizardsby Funush, an edutainment platform that offers interactive content to the Bangla-speaking people, held the final round of the World Quizzing Championships on 2 June 2018, at the British Council auditorium in Fuller Road, Dhaka University area. Around 90 students, selected through vigorous screening processes in their academic institutes and based on their performances in the preliminary rounds, participated in the finals of the championship.

The five-hour long final competition was separated into two parts. Each part consisted of questionnaires based on general knowledge, one covering events of the past and the other contained questions of current affairs. The top ten winners were then selected by combining the best performers from the two sections of the quizzing competition. Winners received exciting prizes from Funush.

“The experience was quite enjoyable,” said a participant. “Not only was the exercise challenging but it was very educational. I was able to learn a lot simply by participating.”

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