In July 2018, the British Council took WOW Dhaka: Rajshahi Chapter to the division of Rajshahi. The event was organised at Rajshahi College, in collaboration with the Centre for Communication and Development (CCD) Bangladesh.

The Rajshahi chapter featured a panel discussion, workshops, WOW Bites, pop-up performances, an exciting marketplace, and musical performances. The all-day event celebrated the achievements of the women of Rajshahi provided them with a platform to voice out their struggles, attempted to break social stereotypes, and incited conversation on women’s contribution to the society and economy. Moreover, to add to the festivity, the chapter celebrated local heritage with folk music and cultural performances. The marketplace showcased stalls for food, jewellery, henna. The programme ended with a musical performance by the famous Tasrin Nodi - a young female musician, who was the 2nd runner up on Channel I’s ‘Shera Kontho’.

Speakers and performers in Rajshahi comprised of a diverse crowd of professors, gender activists, politicians, social entrepreneurs, athletes, and pilots. Notable attendees at the event included Professor Zinatun Nesa Talukder, Former State Minister and Member of Parliament, and Akter Jahan, Member of Parliament.