On the eve of the World Climate Conference, COP 25 on 2 December in Madrid, the German Embassy, in collaboration with the British High Commission, the British Council and GIZ launched a photo exhibition under the motto: Climate Change – Time for Action on 20 November 2019. The exhibition remained open to the public till 5 December. 

Responding to a social media call for submission of photographs on the effects of Climate Change in the life of the people and the environment of Bangladesh, many participants submitted their photographs. From the submissions, 50 photos were chosen for the exhibition of which 3 photos won the prizes.  A movie capturing stories of people moved to Dhaka from rural areas due to the adverse impacts of climatic change was also shown during the exhibition.

Mr. Md. Shahab Uddin, Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change inaugurated the exhibition and handed over the first prize to the winner of the photo competition. The winning photo showcased a water-logged school in Satkhira where students travel by boats for education. The German Ambassador Mr. Peter Fahrenholtz and the British Chargé d’Affaire Mr. Kanbar Hosein Bor appeared in the event as special guests and handed over the prizes among the other winners. Representatives from the government of Bangladesh, different diplomatic missions, UN missions and bilateral agencies, civil society, academia, news media and interested individuals from diverse backgrounds attended the event.

Md. Shahab Uddin said, “The vulnerability of Bangladesh in climate change is no longer a theoretical assumption. It is a reality now.  From Sidr in 2007 to the most recent Bulbul, we have witnessed so many cyclones on Bangladesh in recent times. Although Bangladesh has demonstrated its capabilities to tackle the effects of climate extremities like cyclones and floods, it is a matter of concern that the frequency and extensiveness are increasing.”

British Chargé d’Affaire Mr. Kanbar Hosein Bor added, “Bangladesh is a world leader in building resilience to climate change, particularly in reducing disaster risk. However, Bangladesh remains highly vulnerable. The UK is committed to deepen our partnership with Bangladesh and other countries in the global challenge of tackling climate change.”

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