British Council

Supported by Commonwealth Commission in UK, the British Council hosted a workshop on Conducting Successful Research for undergraduate and postgraduate students. A large number of students from different universities within Bangladesh and abroad attended the workshop after registering online.

As part of Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s new focus on creating greater community engagement by the Commonwealth alumni, the British Council arranged the workshop to provide the alumni in Bangladesh a platform to share their expertise with young students.

A group of Commonwealth alumni conducted and moderated three sessions on key research topics such as research design, plan, identifying problem statement, methodologies and limitations, data analysis, etc. The workshop aimed to provide the students with the knowledge and confidence to undertake higher quality research work not only as part of their coursework but also to be able to contribute to various projects in the country. The alumni shared examples from their academic life in the UK as well as their current professional roles where these research skills are vital to their work. Since they are also working in academia, they were able to connect more effortlessly with the audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

A large number of students had registered online to attend the workshop and they were keen to learn from the alumni. The post-event feedback reflected how almost all the participants found the contents covered to be useful for their thesis, coursework and further research interests. They expressed earnest interest in joining more workshops in the future.