Outdoor Movie Night (2) CC Yaletown BIA
Outdoor Movie Night (2) CC Yaletown BIA

British Council Library members get exclusive access to a number of digital resources, including films and documentaries on Indieflix. If you are a member, or thinking of joining us, we’ve got a selection of brilliant films and animations to watch with the family this holiday season.

Fail Stage

The perfect film for children and young adolescents, Fail Stage chronicles the struggles of growing up with heart and humour. Following Eve, a young woman full of hopes and dreams, the story explores themes such as grief and fulfilling your dreams.

Library members can watch Fail Stage  on Indieflix

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Parents will love watching this one just as much as the kids will. Casper the Friendly Ghost is an absolute classic, full of innocent fun, a charming ghost, and a few light spooks!

Library members can watch Casper the Friendly Ghost on Indieflix

Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat is one of the classic cartoons of the silent film era. Perfect for kids of all ages and a blast from the past for parents, you can watch episode after episode on Indieflix.

Library members can watch Felix the Cat on Indieflix

Woody Woodpecker and Friends

Library members can watch Woody Woodpecker and Friends on Indieflix

First Flight - A Mother Hummingbird's Story

It can be wonderful to see the world anew through your children’s eyes, which is why a documentary about hummingbirds will be fun for everyone. First Flight is an enchanting film which shows viewers these magical birds up close.

Library members can watch First Flight - A Mother Hummingbird's Story on Indieflix

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