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Were he still alive, C S Lewis would be the grand old age of 118 today. To celebrate, we take a look at Lewis’ imaginary world of Narnia, and some of the best characters he created for the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Queen Jadis, The White Queen

The White Queen has been ruling Narnia for 100 years when the children arrive in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Thanks to her powerful magic, the land lives in perpetual winter. The White Queen is a fascinating antagonist, as resourceful as she is unkind. The White Queen is eventually killed by Aslan, but not before she’s done her best to divide the Pevensie siblings and see Aslan killed.

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Chief Mouse of Narnia, Reepicheep is known for being brave, kind, and highly skilled with a rapier. Reepicheep takes part in the Narnian Revolution which nearly costs him his life, but he doesn’t stop there, travelling to the End of the World with Prince Caspian on the Dawn Treader.

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Digory Kirke

The kindly Professor Kirke is the very reason the children find their way to Narnia at all. When Lucy and her siblings are staying with Professor Kirke during the Blitz of London, Lucy discovers the wardrobe to Narnia which the Professor built. It is Professor Kirke who stands by Lucy and encourages her siblings to listen when they do not believe her story.

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The only character to appear in all of the Chronicles of Narnia books, readers love Aslan for how majestic, wise and kind he is. The King of Narnia, Aslan acts as a guide to the human children who come to visit Narnia.

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Lucy is the youngest of the Pevensie children and the first to find the Wardrobe entrance to Narnia. Lucy is the closest to Aslan of the four children and is ultimately crowned Queen Lucy the Valiant. Lucy stands out across the series as one of Lewis’ best characters for being so loyal, sensitive and for her wholehearted belief in Narnia.

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Mr Tumnus

Mr Tumnus is the first to befriend Lucy when she first comes to Narnia, giving him a special place in many readers’ hearts. Mr Tumnus is a flawed character, often showing himself to be cowardly and meek. However, risking his life for Lucy, Mr Tumnus comes through when it really matters.

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