Partnerships: Sector Expertise English

Strong English language skills are a priority for governments worldwide. Using our extensive experience of English teaching, we support the improvement of English language teaching in schools and higher education institutions.

We help governments to support reforms by improving the teaching and learning of English. From policy, curriculum and teaching, to testing, assessment and quality assurance, we provide sustainable solutions at all levels, from pre-school to higher education. Our experience, scale and expertise, along with our strong project management capability, means we can reliably implement policy change programmes on a grand scale. Using our project monitoring tools we can also rigorously track progress, measure impact and evaluate success.

Our teacher training and development courses allow us to put together tailored solutions that address teaching needs specific to individual situations. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools, contacts and networks to help teachers teach and learners learn. Learners can attend face-to-face lessons in one of our teaching centres or choose to learn online. Our ongoing learner support provides access to the world’s most comprehensive range of materials and tools, which can be mapped to any syllabus or curriculum. We can also demonstrate learner progress by providing internationally recognised proficiency tests.

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