A-levels made me feel more prepared in terms of background knowledge than many other university students








My name is Moustafa, I am 19 years old and sat A-levels in Egypt in 2012. I am currently studying mechanical engineering at the American University in Cairo. 

Why I took A-levels

I took maths, chemistry, biology and physics at the Modern English School in Cairo. A-levels are more specialised than any other qualifications, so you don’t have to take stuff you don’t want to take. I wanted to focus on maths and science and had no interest in English.  

How taking A-levels with the British Council has helped me

My university holds A-levels in high regard, so they definitely helped me get a college place. I was also accepted by UK universities but chose to stay in Cairo. 

They are also a good knowledge foundation. A-levels made me feel more prepared, in terms of background knowledge, than many other university students.

If I had a tip for A-level students

I would say don’t leave all of your studying until the last part of the year. It doesn’t reflect university study, so there is a period of adjustment when you first arrive at college. 

What is next for me

I still have two years left on my course and I don’t yet know whether I want to go into academia or become an engineer. But I still have time to make that decision.