Partnerships: Active Citizens


Client Various
Value £120,000 (annually, Bangladesh)
Lifecycle 2009 onwards
Country Multiple

Active Citizens develops leadership skills in people and organisations around the world that want to make a contribution to community development. The programme focuses on the area of intercultural dialogue, project management and community action. It brings together individuals and organisations working in civil society, government and social business who are involved in social development at a local and national level.

Active Citizens has reached around 80,000 individuals across 30 countries through a blend of workshops, exchanges and international study visits.

Through our face-to-face core training activity and social action projects, we have engaged approximately 200,000 community participants, primarily in South Asia and the UK.

What we are doing to deliver Active Citizens

We have:

  • developed national strategies and action plans in collaboration with national stakeholders, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Youth
  • collaborated on planning also with the regional/local government, national and local NGOs and Active Citizens alumni
  • delivered four annual cycles of citizenship and participation training at civil society and community level (each cycle includes facilitator workshops, local cascade training, international study visits and partner networking events).

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