Skills for Employability

In a tough jobs market young people need to prove they have the professional skills to succeed, but we know the gap between education and the workplace is a wide one.

Our Skills for Employability projects and partnerships are designed to help improve the employability skills of young people and adults, and let them develop the entrepreneurial talents that will bridge that gap.

By ‘skills for employability’ we mean the knowledge, skills and competences which help people negotiate the labour market and secure a job. These are not just technical or vocational skills, but also 'soft' skills such as entrepreneurship, problem solving and team work, as well as ICT and communication skills. 

Skills for Employability in Bangladesh

In recent years, our Skills programme has been centred around the Enterprise Challenge Award.

Designed for students aged 16-21 studying in TVET institutions in Bangladesh, the Enterprise Challenge Award aimed to encourage the enterprise capability, communication and planning skills of the students, as well as fostering links between educational institutions and industry.

This year the British Council in Bangladesh has begun to establish its own unique skills programme. We commissioned research into the skills sector in Bangladesh in 2013, and after our South Asia Policy Dialogue on Skills in London in 2013, we decided to develop a skills programme around the Creative Economy and Cultural Skills, incorporating soft skills.

Further information

Learn more about our global projects by visiting our Skills for Employability website, and take a look at the links below for other British Council-run events that focus on skills.

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