The British Council Education team maintains a strong focus on research which helps the team to shape its programmes.

The education team has commissioned several researches to highlight the latest trends and innovations involved it the education sector or also to highlight the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken by the team. Not only do these researches help the British Council to devise its programmes, but they also contribute to influencing debates and gives us the required knowledge to reform the education sector of Bangladesh and equip the system with 21st-century skills.

This section contains the research reports. You can also learn about some of our initiatives from these reports.

A global snapshot of Ministries of Education responses in the state primary and secondary sector

This report is a snapshot of how Ministries of Education are responding to the challenges of the educational crisis in respect of English language teaching and learning is part of our overall insight gathering into the impact of Covid-19. The aims of this report are to:

  • Provide external partners and organisations with global insight into the response to the impact of Covid-19, as it relates to English language teaching and learning inform our own continuing response, in conjunction with a parallel survey of teacher and teacher educator needs 
  • Inform our online and remote delivery work in supporting teachers/teacher educators and Ministries of Education in the future in line with the experience gained from and the evolution of the educational challenge
  • Provide, through the process of collecting the data, further opportunities for engagement with Ministries of Education