The countdown to WOW Dhaka 2019 is on

December 2017 saw the first in a series of WOW Chapters to be held across Bangladesh – the WOW Dhaka: Chittagong Chapter.  The event was organised by the British Council, South Bank Centre, Bonhishikha and SPaRC.  

WOW Chapters are community events, held in the run up to a WOW festival.  The events provide a platform to celebrate women and girls and explore the obstacles which prevent them from achieving their full potential.  In turn, they help to inform the design of the upcoming WOW festival.  

The Chittagong Chapter brought together women from all over the District and provoked conversations between teachers, community leaders, artists, activists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs.  They discussed significant issues facing women today, as well as celebrating and highlighting women’s achievements.  Topics covered included tech for women, legal support, health, leadership, and how to support young Bangladeshi people as empowered individuals.