Pearson Edexcel clash exams

If a candidate registers for multiple papers which are timetabled in the same session (AM/PM) and the total duration for the exams is more than 3 hours, then these exams are considered as clash exams.

The exams will be split in two sessions. The candidates will take the first exam in the AM session and the other one in the PM session. However the candidates must report before the AM session.

The candidates will be allowed to have a fully supervised break between the papers. During this period candidates are not allowed to meet or communicate in any form with anyone outside the exam venue. Students will be allowed to bring their own food and text books. Parents may hand over the lunch and text books to the British Council appointed staff at the exam venue, so that they can arrange to deliver them to the respective candidates. 

If the total duration of the exams is equal to or less than 3 hours, then they are not considered as clash exams. These exams will be administered consecutively. There will not be any breaks between these exams. No separate documents will be published for these exams.

Exam timetable 

To find out what date, time and where your exam takes place choose one of the timetables in the downloads section below. The documents are published as interactive PDF files. Please download the relevant document to use the full functionalities.