LEAD Bangladesh youth leaders are conducting an advocacy meeting for better waste management in the Tutltikor community.

Tultikor is a newly established urban area in Sylhet, Bangladesh, which needed much more attention and work towards waste management because people living there were unaware of the health hazards their environment poses to them. The residents couldn't use the designated dustbin areas due to insufficient light and visibility at the alley entrances. There were no functional lampposts in these designated places, which led to people disposing of their domestic garbage beside walkways and roads. The youth leaders of our LEAD Bangladesh project initiated the 'Safe Environment' SAP to address proper waste management and ensure a clean and safe locality for the residents. To activate a proper waste management system, these young leaders understood the importance of creating a bridge between the local councillor and the community people.

They first conducted advocacy exercises with local councillors, city corporations and community people to bring about a dialogue. Due to their joint intervention, the waste management section of the government bodies became proactive in managing the disposed waste, and residents are strongly encouraged to put away their garbage in designated places. Upon organising community follow-up meetings and awareness sessions with the community people and the local government officials, the team secured a van from the Sylhet City Corporation to collect waste from door-to-door, providing the collector with a minimum wage. The councillor had also taken the initiative to fix the lamposts of the alley entrance points.

The local councillor further encouraged and supported this initiative by carrying out a clean-up campaign throughout the community. Now, to ensure the sustainability of the social action project, the responsibilities have been successfully handed over to the people and leaders of the community and leaders to conduct further progress..

Waste management section of city corporation became proactive due to the advocacy of LEAD Bangladesh youths in Tultikor Community

The British Council implemented the Leadership for Advancing Development in Bangladesh (LEAD Bangladesh) project to empower 3000 young people in Bangladesh, making a positive impact in communities to achieve SDG8, SDG13 and SDG16 through 240 Social Action Projects.