The British Council Library and Cultural Centre arrange numerous events throughout the year for children of different age groups. On 12 November 2018 it arranged a live performance by famous British Author and storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton at British Council auditorium.

Sally Pomme Clayton is famous for her fairy tales and storytelling. The evening was designed with her charming presentation on one of her most famous tale, 'Ashland'. Around 150 children aged between 11 and 16 years participated in this 60 minutes long performance by her.

The children who participated in this performance were invited from different institutions. These included institutions like Jaago and Leaping Boundaries who work mostly with underprivileged and madrassa children. This event was also held in order to bring children with all sort of social background in a single gallery and to make them realise that, the magic of stories can touch the hearts of all.

The live performance by Sally Pomme Clayton started at 4.00PM with a magical story telling session by her. She used unusual musical instruments to create an enchanting environment. Throughout her performance, the entire audience got spellbound and also participated during the interactive parts. The children were excited to watch Sally Pomme live in front of them, and were also overwhelmed to learn the art of storytelling from an artist like her.

One of the children said, “We usually see these sorts of performances on TV. I never thought I could see one myself. It was magical! From her performance, we learnt how important it is to share a story and pass it on to our friends and families. It helps to keep it alive.”

The mesmerizing session ended with a group photo of the children with their favourite artist Pomme.

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