Expert advice and preparation resources on IELTS just a click away!

The IELTS Prep App is an interactive IELTS preparation tool for smartphone users designed to help test takers better prepare for the IELTS test. The app focuses on Listening and Speaking tests for practice, grammar tips and hacks, and IELTS test tips for making your experience with IELTS both easier and simpler. 

What it offers:  

  • A comprehensive overview of the IELTS Speaking and Listening tests
  • Listening and Speaking practice tests 
  • Common grammar rules explained and exercises 
  • Videos of IELTS Speaking interviews 
  • Useful tips for the IELTS test 
  • Assessment criteria explained 
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge of the IELTS test format 
  • More information on IELTS related topics 
  • What’s more, you can even set a test day reminder, practise using in-app materials, and check just how much progress you make. 

The app also lets you bookmark useful pages so that you can easily go back to specific content.

Available on Google Play and App Store.