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The British Council works with a wide range of schools across Bangladesh in both the public and private sectors through projects, events, courses, workshops and digital resources and platforms. 

From policy-level engagement to headteachers’ leadership skills development, teachers’ continuing professional development, school competitions, school to school partnerships; the British Council brings the best of UK expertise and innovation in school education and facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between school systems and professionals in Bangladesh and the UK. 

What is Connecting Classrooms?

Connecting Classrooms is the British Council’s global education programme for schools, co-funded by the British Council and the UK’s Department for International Development. In Bangladesh Connecting Classrooms has been running since 2009, focusing on building global awareness and cross-cultural learning in young people through bringing an international dimension to learning.

Connecting Classrooms is designed to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a global economy and contribute responsibly to society both locally and globally. 

Professional Development

Research by top education experts and academics indicates that in order to participate in a global economy, young people need to have deep learning skills, also known as 21st-century skills. This means we need to equip teachers with the right tools to enable this to happen. The main focus of the Connecting Classrooms professional development programme for teachers and headteachers is on six skills identified as a core for success in the 21st century.  The six skills are :

  •   Critical thinking and problem-solving 
  •   Creativity and imagination
  •   Digital literacy
  •   Citizenship
  •   Student leadership
  •   Collaboration and communication.

We offer face to face workshops on these six courses, tailored specifically for teachers and leaders in Bangladesh. If you are a teacher and/or a headteachers and are interested in participating in the face to face workshops, please contact us to express your interest.

It is highly recommended that the teachers in the school first complete the Online Core Skills Professional Development courses, for better understanding and more active participation during the face to face workshops. To register and get started on the Introduction to the Core Skills course, please visit the Connecting Classrooms Learning website.


Professional Partnerships

Have you completed the Core Skills Professional Development course and are currently working with a UK school? 

If so, you can develop a Professional Partnership with your partner school in the UK, to further apply the core skills pedagogy in your classrooms. Partnering with a teacher from the UK will provide you with opportunities to compare and exchange knowledge and techniques on embedding the core skills in your classroom. It can also broaden horizons regarding a variety of teaching methods used in different parts of the world. 

Apply for funding with your UK partner school to facilitate the collaboration of your international work. Please visit us here to learn more. 


Leadership training

The Connecting Classrooms Leadership programme for head teachers and senior educators focuses on developing essential leadership skills, while, uniquely, applying these skills to the context of embedding an international dimension in the curriculum and ethos of a school. Through training, exchanges and benchmarking, the programme encourages educators to fine-tune their professional skills and practices for the benefit for all.

In addition to the Core Skills courses specifically designed for Leaders, we facilitate the opportunity for Leaders across Bangladesh to meet each other to discuss a range of topics, sharpen skills and explore different types of leadership styles. There is also a suite of 11 modules available, which provide a valuable resource as the materials can be re-used within teams back in the workplace.

To access the courses for Leaders, please visit the Schools Online page.

More information

Visit the Connecting Classrooms website to find out more about the Connecting Classrooms programme and to learn how you can get involved.