Development of Higher Education Reform Strategy

It has already been widely accepted that the Higher Education (HE) sector in the country is in widespread need of a reform that fits more to the development of human capital- a major engine to drive socio-economic development. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has a long list of needs for reform that needs immediate prioritisation for future implementation. The plan will require a change at all levels of system and process of HE which the government is significantly intending to fund.  

Aims and Objectives: 

  • To agree on the reform priorities 
  • To agree on a roadmap for the next three years
  • To agree an implementation plan for the full next year
  • A roadmap and implementation plan for the proposed project.

What we deliver and engage locally?

Given the plethora of reform tasks, UGC shall be looking for UK partners. UK’s experience in higher education, and through the British Council and UK’s involvement with UGC with few recent projects, UK will be keen to work with UGC on jointly funded basis to shape a reform agenda and implementation plan that shall also help UK for their scoping missions in order to familiarise with new partnerships that follows to Bangladesh 

Project so far  

Till now, the British Council has commissioned a baseline survey on the current higher education scenario. The report highlighted problems and recommended the areas where change is required, which was shared with UGC for them to prioritise their areas of need. 

What does the higher education sector offers?

UGC shall be partnering with UK Higher Education bodies that will help them to guide and shape reform agendas based on their own experiences and move towards implementation into the prioritised sectors. 

We intend to benefit from ministerial advisory role and engage locally with our technocrats, bureaucrats, policy makers, academicians and professionals into education and ICT sphere.

A Look Ahead

The next step will be to conduct workshops in consultation with UGC. The workshops will identify Reform priorities which shall be acknowledged by UGC and the policy makers involved in the workshop and agree on a road side implementation plan for the proposed project.